Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump Grinding & Removal

When it comes to Stump Grinding & Removal, know-how and skill is required. With over 24 years experience in the Barnstaple region, we will do the job quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss. We are your local Arboriculture experts and offer a consultation, and call out service entirely free. What’s more, the service is 24 hour.

Stump Grinding & Removal

It is not unusual after a tree is felled, to leave the cut stump alone to decay and eventually disappear. There are some situations when it is vital for the stump to be taken away. This could be because it is infected and is a danger to other plants, is obstructing an area that is required to be kept clear or is being replaced by another tree.

stump grinding

When and how to remove stumps

A tree stump can be physically taken away at any time, and requires the skill of a professional tree surgeon. The most convenient time to remove stumps, however, is when the tree is cut, and our team of experts can give specialist advice on the best way to complete the job, in the most economical way.

Removing a stump can be done by using a stump grinding machine. The big advantage of using a professional is that these specialist machines are very versatile and can reach awkward areas quickly. These grinders can move across lawns without doing damage and will not leave marks on patios or paving.

A stump grinder will in most cases remove a stump to a distance below ground of approximately 300 millimetres. This is a standard distance that in the majority of cases is sufficient. There may be a particular set of circumstances where it is vital to take away all of the remaining tree roots, and this can be done as well. In a situation when there is replanting, it is recommended that all of the lateral roots are thoroughly removed so as to avoid disease.

After stump grinding, there will be a pile of “grindings,” which will rot away in the course of time. It is essential that most of these grindings are taken away if an area is being replanted.

Stump Grinding & Removal is not only hard work, but if it is not done correctly, can lead to damage to new saplings. It is always best to consult the experts. The advice we offer is free, and the service is in the long term extremely cost-effective.