Management of Trees

Management of Trees

With over 24 years experience in the management of trees and their conservation, we follow closely best practises as laid down by the International Society of Arboriculture (UK). This means following a set of rules from digging the hole, to maintaining and managing the young tree from planting to maturity.

Health and Safety at Work:

Although governed by the Health and Safety Executive with regards to the maintenance and safety practises required when using and operating such equipment as ropes, karabiners, strops and harnesses, branch lowering rigs, cranes, and elevating work platforms, cutting equipment and chain saws, we also adhere to the ISA (UK) guidelines on the management, care and maintenance of all species of trees and hedging.

Working within the ISA (UK) guidelines:

As a long standing fully qualified professional firm of tree surgeons, we undertake work for local authorities, private landlords, commercial clients, and private customers. Our responsibilities include the management of trees, tree felling, the pruning of trees shrubs and hedges as well as planting new trees, and moving and replanting young trees.

Much of our winter work is carried out for local authorities or private landlords. Cutting up and removing storm felled trees blocking roads and walkways, or felling unsafe trees which are likely to prove a danger to people or property. We operate a 24 hour emergency call-out service to deal with storm felled or weakened trees likely to prove a hazard to the public.

We also undertake tree inspections for disease or pest damage, assess the overall health of the tree, will it recover, and inform the relevant authorities if it needs felling.

Private client work involves authorised removal of mature trees. Lopping of heavy boughs overhanging property, tree pruning to allow light into a garden or restrict height growth, the planting of new trees, and general tree and hedge maintenance. All of this work undertaken within the guidelines laid down by the International Society of Arboriculture (UK).

Using ISA (UK) certified arborists ensures all work is carried out by highly qualified and skilled tree surgeons in a manner which promotes the principles, values, industry standards, and high level of professionalism expected by both the ISA and you the client. We would offer nothing less.