Felling & Extraction Services

Felling and Extraction Services

Trees can live for hundreds of years but inevitably age and disease will take their toll and the tree will become a problem. Alternatively during site development, tree felling & extraction services may have to be undertaken so that development can progress, commercially or privately. At such times it is important to understand that every tree is different and thus the risks and hazards associated with its removal will naturally reflect similar variability.

We bring 24 years of industry experience into providing you with comprehensive felling & extraction services. We will take on the job in a safe, efficient, professional and economical manner, leaving the site in a safe and tidy condition with the minimum of disruption.


The method adopted to fell and extract problem trees takes into account many factors including proximity to public highways, public and private buildings and indeed other trees and structures. We bring our expert knowledge to your door, and are sympathetic to the needs and concerns of our customers. Our felling and extraction service can reduce the risk of liability caused by problem trees, as well mitigating the risk of personal injury to the client from falling debris from diseased or dying trees.


After felling problem trees, our comprehensive tree extraction service can take the worry out of what can be difficult time for a client. We remove the problem trees from site after felling and leave the site as clean and tidy as possible. YOU our valued customer will not have the worry and inconvenience of disposing of felled trees. Whether the problem tree has been an ‘old friend’ or just stands in the pathway of development, our quick and efficient worry-free service will be undertaken to the highest professional and safety standards to minimise disruption to the felling site as much as possible.

So contact us TODAY for all your felling and extraction requirements! With our decades of industry experience we will take on your problem tree challenge and you can be confident you will receive a safe, professional and efficient tree felling and extraction service.